Functional Medicine Lab Testing

How Functional Medicine Lab Testing Helps Our Patients

Here at Integrative Wellness, we have functional medicine lab testing, which we use to assess the human body and search for every symptom and problem within a person's system. We can find out what the client needs to be at 100% and go from there. We wish to see our clients recover from imbalances that restrict them from living life at full capacity. When we analyze the symptoms, one of the first things we look into is the toxicity levels. This will tell us what we are dealing with while we work up a plan for detoxing. The steps are different for everyone, so that is why we use our functional medicine lab testing. These are some of the tests we run to find out the levels of toxicity. We test the hair tissue mineral analysis, Omega-3-Test, organic acids test, food sensitivity test, thyroid, adrenal, and a hormone test. There are other tests we run, but those are the main ones.

Everyone should feel free to do their research with any significant decision. Our services are no different. Our main goal is to educate the public to let everyone know there are alternative health websites and other information they can gather from online. Once people learn the truth, they can decide with a clear conscience, which is the better path. Alternative health websites are not that much different from ours. Once people go into the search engines, they will see we are all on the same team. We are not out to get anyone. We are here to help people find a better way of living. Alternative health websites may also offer something we do not have in their products. If there is something they sell that we do not, and the product works effectively, we support the competition if it betters another person or patient. Like every business, we do hope that we have all that our patients are searching for in the health industry. 

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