Functional Medicine Experts

Why Are Functional Medicine Experts Becoming More Popular?

Functional medicine experts are being talked about more now than ever before. People are walking away from the drug and traditional doctors to move on to natural cures. Many people find that once they visit a functional medicine expert, they feel better for longer and without the side effects.Functional medicine experts seek to find the underlying health issues creating the symptoms.

The only way to begin any task in cleaning is removing the old stuff. It is like cleaning a house. When a person first cleans their home, everything is dusty and dirty. Once the house is clean, it feels comfy and cozy, more like home. Our bodies are the same way. We have to clean out our system. Between our liver and kidneys, they are the filters of our body, and sometimes they get overwhelmed. Functional medicine detox is the use of natural foods, essential oils, and other sources designed to clean out our system, starting with the organs that work overtime. Here at Integrative Wellness, we work with our clients by listening to their story first. Then we go from there to determine the issues, the problems, and the solutions. 

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