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At Integrative Wellness, we look at the body as a whole integrated system. The body has an innate power to heal itself once returned to a state of equilibrium. It is only an imbalance in one of the systems that allow our body to struggle with the symptoms of "dis-ease". Our goal is to help our clients who have had a difficult time getting to the root cause of their symptoms, so they may finally enjoy the life they want.   


Rain Barrel Effect

To paraphrase & quote leading scientist, Dr. Cabral's analogy, a rain barrel or bucket is used to catch water from gutter runoff & hold onto it every time it rains. No one ever notices the rain is filling up the barrel until, of course, the barrel overflows....

It's at this point where the barrel needs to be emptied or it will no longer function properly. Instead of the barrel serving a healthy purpose, it will instead spill over & cause unwanted issues. 

The same theory holds true for our bodies. Over time, we accumulate toxins. These can either come from the environment or they are man-made. For example, candida & bacterial overgrowth, parasites, stress induced hormones, & even internal metabolic processes disrupts our "barrel".

What happens is that when these natural & synthetic toxins float around in our blood they must be disposed of. This then takes energy, proper nutrients, rest, and a well-functioning liver to filter out the harmful substances. As long as the body has everything it needs then the process continues to run smoothly & maintain equilibrium. 

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As the years pass, we accumulate more & more toxins & our bodies begin to run low on certain reserves. Our bodies then begin to lose the internal battle & our rain barrel begins to fill up faster. Although the barrel is filling up you may not see any initial symptoms until the barrel finally spills, it is at this time where we will then see disease.

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