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 As an Integrative Health Practitioner & Nutritional Scientist, I focus on YOU as a whole person. I help people get well, lose weight, & finally feel alive again. I also create a healing environment for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. I do not suppress symptoms, but rather heal the whole person using a truly integrative approach to natural health.

Disease begins to set in when there are underlying imbalances stemming from deficiencies & toxicities that when rebalanced allow for true healing to take place in the body. 

I help those with fatigue, thyroid & adrenal imbalances, digestive health, mental health, weight management, allergies, environmental toxicity, blood sugar dysregulation, hormone imbalances, headaches, nutritional deficiencies, & brain fog. 


No more 10 - minute doctor visits filled with no solutions & the feeling that you will never feel well again. I listen deeply to your story & collaborate with you to create solutions that reflect your needs. Wellness Plans can include addressing imbalances with diet, supplements, detoxes, herbs, essential oils, & other lifestyle changes.


You can expect to spend at least an hour on your Initial Consult discussing current symptoms, medical history, & creating a plan for functional medicine testing if needed. This information during this consult will allow for me to get a full understanding of your case & then be able to create a Personalized Wellness Plan.


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